Our History

A History of Affordable Housing in Greenwich

In 1946, The Housing Authority of the Town of Greenwich was created, after an initial venture leasing town-owned housing to returning war veterans clearly demonstrated a greater need for public housing within the community. In 1947, the Town responded, appropriating $785,000 in general funds to acquire sites and build additional veteran housing, with the State of Connecticut reimbursing one-half of the cost. As a result, two residential complexes housing 91 units were built.

Since the completion of the first residences, the number of properties owned and managed by Greenwich Communities has grown dramatically in response to community needs. In August 2020, the Housing Authority of the Town of Greenwich changed it’s name to Greenwich Communities and owns and manages 13 residential complexes, accommodating senior citizens, families, and disabled persons within 857 apartments, as well as Parsonage Cottage, a 40-bed facility for the aged. In addition to the residences, Greenwich Communities is also responsible for administering 225 residences throughout the community from private landlords under a special federal program known as section 8, which provides certificates or vouchers to absorb the difference between published market rents and the resident’s ability to pay, based on individual or family income.

  • Financing Provided by the State of Connecticut Developments:
    • Adams Garden, 1949, 80 family garden-style apartments.
    • Armstrong Court, 1951, 144 family apartments.
    • Town Hall Annex, 1984, 28 family apartments.
    • McKinney Terrace I, Family, 1988, 21 family apartments.
    • McKinney Terrace II, Elderly, 1988, 51 elderly apartments.
  • HUD Subsidized Developments:
    • Wilbur Peck Court, 1953, 110 family apartments.
    • Quarry Knoll I, 1962, 50 elderly apartments.
    • Agnes Morley Heights, 1973, 150 elderly apartments.
    • Greenwich Close, 17 affordable family apartments.
  • CHFA Financed Development:
    • Quarry Knoll II, 1980, 40 elderly apartments.
  • Scattered Site Units:
    • Edgewood Avenue, 1990, 7 family apartments.
    • Columbus Avenue & Ritch Avenue, 1992, Duplex two, three, and four-bedroom apartments.
    • Oakridge Street & Homestead Lane, 1997, Four, two-bedroom family apartments.
  • Parsonage Cottage:
    • 1997, 40 bed Connecticut licensed home for the aged, managed by Greenwich Communities and funded through a consortium of federal, state, and local private funding.
  • Home Ownership – Affordable units developed by Greenwich Communities and sold to qualified families:
    • Riverhouse Condominiums, 1998, 49 South Water Street, 6 affordable units.
    • Hollow Wood Lane Condominiums, 2004, 14 Hollow Wood Lane, 4 affordable units.
  • Section 8:
    • 343 Housing Choice Vouchers funded by HUD.
  • Private Market:
    • Greenwich Close, 113 market-rate apartments.