A Letter from the Chairman

Since I became Chairman of the Housing Authority in 2011, I have focused on improving the quality of life for low and moderate-income families by guaranteeing safe, quality housing. Greenwich Communities, formerly known as the Housing Authority of Greenwich, is dedicated to fulfilling our mission by making quality affordable housing our top priority with the residents our primary focus. We are at the forefront steadfastly committed to bringing exceptional housing services while offering opportunities to achieve self-sufficiency and economic independence to income-eligible families in Greenwich, CT. We pride ourselves in promoting new policies and strategies to develop and implement innovative housing initiatives while understanding the challenges of those genuinely in need.

Our efforts will ensure that Greenwich Communities has a strengthened role in society. Our current name reflects our priority – residents who are engaged in their neighborhoods create vibrant communities.  The hallmark of my leadership is my unwavering dedication to improving the quality of life and opportunities which positively impact the residents we serve, improves the organization, and contributes to the future the Town of Greenwich. At Greenwich Communities, we know all our residents. I have made it my priority, to give out my cell phone number to all the residents at our “travel” board meetings and let them know that if they feel there is an issue not being addressed or if a problem arises — day or night — that they can call me immediately. 

Stay tuned as Greenwich Communities re-invents ourselves into a premier property management and development company focused on affordable housing!

Sam Romeo
Chairman, Greenwich Communities Board of Commissioners