Director’s Message

A Letter from the Executive Director

Welcome to Greenwich Communities

Greenwich Communities is the future of affordable housing. Formerly known as The Housing Authority of the Town of Greenwich,  we are a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing the ability to live in quality, affordable housing, giving residents access to opportunities, excellent schools, and all of the amenities this beautiful town of Greenwich has to offer. Our new name represents our continuing progress toward allowing all people to live with dignity and respect, blending into the place they call home.

We have worked diligently through fiscally responsible asset management of our resources and strong partnerships with state and local agencies to fulfill our core mission to bring forth new affordable housing initiatives and positively impact our community through thoughtful investment in our residents’ lives. Our team also looks to improve the lives of individuals and families not just by providing affordable housing options and life skills programs and residence services.

Our success rests wholly on our staff’s efforts combined with the strong support of our Board of Commissioners, the Town of Greenwich, and the State of Connecticut.

Greenwich Communities takes great pride in our accomplishments and successes. Our strategic priorities are to align our resources with other stakeholders who serve residents, preserve and develop our real estate, work with our residents to connect them with support and services, and to be good stewards of funds.

One key to our success is continuous positive communication with our clients. This updated and improved website plays a vital role in our outreach, as it is reflective of the comprehensive services we offer. We encourage you to visit the site often for the latest information on programs, services, news and announcements that are relevant to our clients, residents, partners, and the Greenwich community.

As Executive Director of Greenwich Communities, I have seen the impact that housing stability has on the households we serve; it stabilizes families, creates a positive environment, fosters self-sufficiency, and makes communities safe. Our effective management of affordable housing is a tremendous public asset. By bettering lives, we better our community.

Your partner in progress,

Anthony L. Johnson
CEO, Executive Director