Staff & Departments

Executive Staff

Anthony Johnson
Executive Director, CEO
(203) 869-1138

Terry Mardula
Deputy Director, COO
(203) 869-1138

Derrick Bryant
Finance Director, CFO
(203) 869-1138

Maria Morris
Executive Assistant
(203) 869-1138 ext 101

Housing Staff

Patricia Muldoon
Section 8 Senior Asset Manager
(203) 869-1138 ext 121

Maria Vadala
Section 8 Housing Manager
(203) 869-1138 ext 119

Jacqueline Nieves
Property Manager
(203) 869-1138 ext 104

Sardis Solano
Senior Asset Manager
(203) 869-1138 ext 114

Laura Murphy
Property Manager
(203) 869-1138 ext 120

Lindsey Romeo
Assistant Property Manager
(203) 869-1138 ext 105

Finance Staff

Peggy Yeung
(203) 869-1138 ext 110

Sonia Stewart
Accounts Payable
(203) 869-1138 ext 111

Lili Lu
Accounting Analyst
(203) 869-1138 ext 113

Planning & Development Staff

John Yankowich
(203) 869-1138 ext 129

Greenwich Close Apartments

Jamie Longo
Director of Housing Management
(203) 869-7575

Meaghan DiCanio
Assistant Property Manager
(203) 869-7575

Maintenance Staff

Joseph DeRubeis,
Director of Maintenance

Al Yantorno,
Maintenance Foreman

Angel Torices, Senior Mechanic

David Temoche, Maintenance Mechanic

Hector Perez, Maintenance Laborer

Jose Alicea, Maintenance Mechanic

Marcel Vaillant, Maintenance Mechanic

Mauricio Molina, Maintenance Mechanic

Michael Slater, Maintenance Laborer

Sal Catalano, Maintenance Mechanic

Dustyn Zaccagnino, Maintenance Mechanic

Antonio Camacho, Maintenance Mechanic

Parsonage Cottage Senior Residence Staff

Penny Lore, Administrator

Marie Oliva, Administrative Assistant

Tamara Smith, Resident Services Coordinator

Nick Crudele, Facility Manager

Eumacula Alexandre, Resident Attendant

Adele Bond, Resident Attendant

Maryline Jackson, Resident Attendant

Stefka Rangelova, Resident Attendant

Princess Gordon, Resident Attendant

Marie Elsy Menard, Resident Attendant

Deborah Moss, Resident Attendant

Marie Caliri, Resident Attendant

Sara Monfil-Garcia, Resident Attendant

Maria Manosalva Ochoa, Resident Attendant