January 8, 2024

State, Moderate-Income, Family Application

(Adams Garden, McKinney Terrace I)

CLOSED on Friday, January 26, 2024

GEMS Halloween Haunt! Let us bring Halloween to you on October 29th:

Armstrong Court 1-1:30pm,  Adams Garden Court 1-1:30pm, Wilbur Peck 1-1:30pm

Have a Ghoulish crew come to your house in an eerie carriage and safely distribute Halloween treats to one and all. It’s a spooktacular way to have fun this year!

August 28, 2023

Armstrong Court Phase 3

CLOSES on Monday, September 4th, 2023


Armstrong Court Phase II

CLOSES on Wednesday August 31, 2022

August 25, 2022

Public Notice CLOSING ACP2 WL_8.31.22 8.5x11
       July 17, 2022
Greenwich Free Press

Greenwich Communities Chairman Letter to Northeast Greenwich Association – June 2022

Greenwich Communities Announces the closing of the site based waiting list for

McKinney Terrace II on 

Friday June 3, 2022

Greenwich Communities Thanks ‘Outstanding’ Community Partners.  

“We couldn’t do what we do without the help of each of the partnering entities throughout the Town of Greenwich.”



October 12, 2021


Greenwich Emergency Services to visit Adams Gardens for a Halloween Haunt!

Sunday October 24, 2021

3:00 pm 

GEMS Halloween Haunt 2021

Greenwich Emergency Services to visit Wilbur Peck Court for a socially distant treat giveaway!

Sunday October 24, 2021

2:00 pm 

GEMS Halloween Haunt 2021 Town Housing WPC

Greenwich Emergency Services to visit Armstrong Court for some spooktacular fun!

Sunday October 24, 2021

1:00 pm 

GEMS Halloween Haunt 2021 Town Housing AC

Greenwich Communities 2021        

Outstanding Community Partner Awards 

October 1, 2021

Greenwich Communities Distribute Fire Extinguishers, Demonstrate Proper Use at Adams Garden

September 18, 2021

Greenwich Free Press

Free Summer Movie Nights Offered 

by CCI and Greenwich Communities

July 22, 2021

Greenwich Free Press

News // Local

April 24, 2021


The improvement project at Armstrong Court is about to hit another major milestone. Greenwich Communities, formerly known as the Greenwich Housing Authority, will hold a groundbreaking for Phase 2 of the project at 10:30 a.m. May 1. The financing for Phase 2 was recently locked into place for the $27 million project to renovate 42 housing units.

The one- and two-bedroom apartments will be turned into three-bedroom units with new kitchens and appliances as well as other improvements.

In Phase 1, 18 new townhouses were built. There will be more construction and redevelopment in future phases.

“These buildings further our vision for quality, affordable housing in Greenwich,” Greenwich Communities Executive Director Anthony Johnson said. “We are not just talking the talk. We are walking the walk. We are the solution.”

The public is invited to attend the groundbreaking.


In Defense of Greenwich

Submitted by Beth MacGillivray

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CT has $235 million in rent relief for people in need. Why aren’t more households applying?

April 12, 2021

Seila Mosquera-Bruno CDH commissioner 4.7.2021